About Us – Bradleyyoungentertainment

For those of you who try their best to stay abreast of all that happens in the Chicago music scene, this website is for you. We have our eyes and ears open at all times waiting to come across every piece of Chicago band news there is. Not only do we have a passion for this, but we strive to provide users with the most comprehensive information available on the Web. While others may have some of the same information available to them, they will not bring it to you with the same finesse that we will. It is our job to stay at the top of our game at all times.

We are not simply one of those sites that harp on about gossip, and things we are not sure are true. Nothing that we cannot verify will ever be shared with you. This means that we can be trusted to tell you the real deal. How many other websites are you aware of that have that same level of integrity?

If there is something you want to know and you do not see it here, feel free to reach out to Edagul Can for any questions. Also, you can reach her here.