Why Bands Are Better Than DJ’s At Weddings

If you want the music at your wedding to have a real spark and liveliness, the best way to go about it is to hire a band instead of a DJ. A good DJ can easily keep a crowd going off course, but there’s often something almost overly sanitary about it. It can easily come across as sterile and lack in personality. To cast aside the skills of talented DJ’s is dismissive of course, but the energy of the live music is something that just can’t be captured accurately by playback. Any form of real music will move your guests, but the give and take off an audience and a band is truly kinetic.

Unless you hope to have the likes of electronic dance music or hip hop on your wedding reception’s playlist, pop and rock music that was originally written and recorded on physical instruments will almost always shine more when performed in the same fashion. There’s an unspoken magic that happens when a group of people plays together. The tempo will take on its personality sometimes, and the singer will a add unique flair that’s exclusive to that particular performance alone. That kind of elements can never be enjoyed by simply playing an existing recording.

Your reception will also seem a lot more intimate and personalized with an actual band. Anyone can have a playlist of their favorite songs programmed of course, but utilizing a real band takes the entertainment value just one step further. The event will seem much more special thanks to the unique performance currently underway.

Even if you’re the bride, it helps not to feel as if you have to be the focal point during the entire event. That’s an awful lot of pressure to have to put up with. Having a band will draw a lot of attention away, allowing you to simply enjoy yourself rather than feel as if you need to always look your best or entertain everyone for the duration.

Bands are also better than DJ’s at weddings because any variety in the playlist will still have an inherent cohesiveness. No matter what genre or tempo the current song happens to reside in, it’s still going to be filtered through the sensibilities of those particular musicians with their instruments. Whatever comes out will have their stamp, and everything will also be at a consistent and comfortable volume.

On the other hand, a DJ spinning various tracks will always sound a bit like a jumbled mix tape. More experienced DJ’s will be able to weave everything together a bit more cohesively, but it’s going to be hard to afford someone of that caliber at a wedding. Again, it all comes down to a sterile feeling versus something truly lively. If you want your wedding reception to feel like a living, thriving party, a band is always going to be the best option.