How Expensive Are Private Music Bands?

If you have any event, one of the things that you might be looking for is a live band. Many events need music, and having a live band adds a certain amount of class to any event, and a certain level of excitement as well! It’s much more fun to have interaction between band and crowd, and the band can make sure the crowd is never getting bored.

But if you’ve never hired a private music band, then you may not have any idea how much they cost. It’s hard to put together a budget for your event if you haven’t taken the time to price bands, and if you don’t know what bands cost normally, you have no idea whether or not you’re getting a good deal! How can you find out how much private music bands cost, and is there any wiggle room?

The Basic Cost Of Bands

Private bands will often charge an amount per gig especially in bigger cities like Chicago. The person who wants to put on the show will inform them of the details, such as how long the performance should be and what they’re looking for, music wise, and then the band offers a price. This part is fairly straight forward. Everyone understands the concept of “here’s what I need/here’s what it costs” when it comes to buying and selling.

The more musicians you want, or the more popular the musicians, then the more you’re going to have to pay. And of course, given the nature of your event, bands might want to charge more or be willing to charge less.

Why You’re Paying So Much For A Private Band

One of the things that often comes up for professional musicians is potential clients not understanding what they’re paying for. They get the idea that they could just set up their MP3 player and some speakers, and they wouldn’t have to pay anything for music. Or they think that a band might be willing to play “for exposure,” with the idea that being able to play in front of people will allow the band to pick up more fans, who will then buy CDs and merchandise.

This is, in a word, ridiculous. Musicians have to practice for hours a day to be professional quality. Not only that, but instrument upkeep can be expensive. Especially if the band travels a lot. Then there’s the gas for the trip, and keep in mind that a band might be transporting thousands of dollars worth of equipment. This means that they have to use a large, gas-guzzling vehicle.

So then, the answer to “how expensive are private bands” is “it can depend.” But as long as you go in with a respectable offer, most bands will work with you. Just keep in mind that while you may not strictly need a live band, having one means your event will bring in more people, who will also have more fun. So keep that in mind if you get a price that you want to argue about.