Best Electric Cars for Experts To Compete at a Raising Track

Everyone remembers racing remote controlled cars as a kid. At least, everyone who had the money. They could get rather expensive. Still, those toy cars for kids don’t measure up to the remote controlled cars for experts. There is a very serious racing culture out there, and the tech they use can be quite impressive.

Of course, if you’re looking for best remote control car for adults or experts, then you probably already know that. So without further ado, here are a few of the best cars for experts to bring to the race track.

Ferrari F2012-F104 1/10 by Tamiya

This car is rear wheel drive and is competition ready right out of the box. A custom RC car might have better technical specs, but this car is no slouch. The rubber wheels are slick, which is good for on-road racing. What’s more, this car has a great frame if you want to customize the car later on. It allows for well over 100 upgrade choices.

Traxxas XO-1

Are you prepared to control a car that can go from 0 to 100mph in just under five seconds? If not, then stay away from this car. It’s been engineered to have life-like speeds, and it can do so right out of the box. That’s right, you don’t need any upgrades to hit speeds like that!

Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift

This is a fairly decent car if you’re looking for a drifter. It has all-wheel drive as well as adjustable features, which means you have a lot of options in exactly how you want to drive and drift. It’s also rather inexpensive, especially compared to some of the other cars out there with the same specs.

If there’s a downside to this car, it’s the chassis. It’s made of a somewhat questionable plastic, so that raises questions of durability. Still, for the price tag, it’s a fair risk.

Axial SCX10 Honcho RTR AX90022

This is a mid-range model regarding price, but in that context, it’s probably the best on the market. It has a transmission and axels durable enough to take it off-road without worry, and the differential lockers are heavy-duty enough to stand up to even the roughest of rides.

Unfortunately, as with many of the mid-range models, it comes without any batteries. It also doesn’t have a charger. This means it’s not ready to drive right of the box, and that can be disappointing. It drives up the price, and it means you have to hope the shop has what you need in stock. Still, it’s an incredibly durable model that will last for quite some time.

As you can see, RC cars aren’t just for kids anymore! There are some heavy duty electric RC cars out there, and a pretty major culture of racing. So if you’re looking to race with the experts, you’ll need to get yourself an expert car. These are only a few, but they are some of the best. If you’re not interested in them, then search around and see what works for you.